Tips for changing Nimbus 36er tube?

I’m trying to change out the tube in a Nimbus Nightrider 36, using a 29" tube. I can get the tube in the tire and most of the tire on the rim, but when it gets down to the last little bit of bead to pull over the rim I just can’t do it without a tool. And using the tool has led to putting a hole in the new tube. I’ve read that it’s best not to use a tool at all, and that the tire can be put on by hand. Maybe I’m just lacking that little bit of finger strength. Any tips on how to roll the tire onto the rim without messing up the tube? Or the best way to go about it? This is my first time changing out a 36er tube, and I’d really like to get it fixed up tomorrow morning so I can ride it.

I know this is not the answer you’re looking for, but when I need to change a 36" tire or tube, I take it to my local shop, Mad Cat Cycles. They sweat and strain over it and charge me something like $5. Totally worth it.

Unfortunately the local shops are closed tomorrow, and I’d like the experience of having done it myself. I’m pretty sure I can get it, it’s just getting that last bit of tire over the rim that’s holding me back. We’ll see how it goes in the morning, gonna let the new tube sit inflated overnight to let it get used to the stretch.

This best tip I can give you is to use a 36’er tube. It will be much easier.


It requires a bit of finesse and avoiding pinching the 29er tube, as I’m sure you’re aware. Keep inflating and deflating the tube til it stretches enough to get on good but not too tight so you can still manipulate the tire- pushing the tube out of the way before using the tool.

There are new clear 36" tubes which are expensive but are supposed to be lighter than the black rubber tubes which you could try if you fail at another 29er one. The new rims are supposed to make this easier too with a deeper section in the middle for the bead to sit in while you remove/install the tire.

Hi shvr, I recently changed the inner tube on my 36. Had a few tries and a few tubes latter it held. I’m now running a 26" in there.

I had to use tyre levers to get the last bit of the bead over the rim. I followed advice, pre-stretched the tube, talced it and put a little air in the tube, that helped. I also had to change the rim tape as a one of the tubes blew out through the lightening holes where the tape had shifted when i put the tube in. Another tube blew a hole through the original tape, so I went with a double layer of glass fibre reinforced packing tape that was as wide as the rim.

Not all inner tubes are manufactured to the same standards. Schwalbe seem to be strong though.

When inflating - do it in small stages and massage the tyre all the way around to get the bead to sit firm and to make sure that the tube is not caught under it.

Good luck and hope this helps some.

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There are no secrets But, to make you feel better, we all find it more difficult and unbelievable than changing any other tire. I’ve done it successfully with tools and without. It seems like each time is a bit different. Make sure to get the tire into the center groove of the rim b4 completing the outer part of the tire. Once the tire is on, the next challenge is to get it inflated evenly onto the rim. After many changes I’ve found that continual inflation (slowly) will pop it into place even though you might think it will blow :astonished: . I was hesitant at first but now just pump and roll:)

The best part of all, riding a 36" is worth all the work involved!


Deflate the tube a bit spray some windex on the bead and push the tire further into the rim starting at the furthest point from where your bead is still over the rim, should pop right on.

Hey all, I got the new tube installed fine yesterday and was able to go out on a nice ride by the river! That last section of tire sucks, and I still had to use a tool but I did it without messing anything up. This is actually the first tube I’ve ever changed!

@AustinLee, no I’m not there. I’m in western North Carolina. But I’ll keep that in mind if I find myself in the area for some reason!

Haha, that’s fine…

Glad you’re up and riding again!

I have a foss tube on an Oracle 36 rim (Dominator?), Nightrider tire.

How hard is it to change, esp. on the road. I am dreading the day I get a flat on my commute.

Should I carry anything other than tire levers?