Tips for a parade

I just read a post from October 2007 about parade tips. Any others? I’m not a fantastic unicyclist. I learned to ride a few years ago. I’ve done some muni. I’ve done some street commuting. My longest ride is probably 10 miles. I don’t really have any tricks. I can hop a little. I can free mount. My wife has conscripted me for a parade at the end of January. I’m most comfortable on a 26". I’ve got a 12" and a 36".

With two months, if I were to focus on something, what would you focus on? I read about the riding crazy/drunk/making it look hard. Any videos anyone can share showing that? I’d love to see some ideas.

Thank you and, to all you Estado Unidenses, happy Thanksgiving,

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Idling would be a good skill to learn, since you may have to stop sometimes.


I would tear through the parade going in the opposite direction and steal all the attention like it was not planned. Just kidding, have fun!!

Whenever I’ve done parades, I’ve found the biggest issue has been how slowly they move, and they come to a halt quite often as well!

So, as posted above, idling can be a very useful skill as well as practicing riding slowly

I normally use a 20" for parades (either street/trials or Giraffe)

The main thing is to smile and have fun!

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A costume, an animal costume would be good. It makes it into something more with little additional effort… depending on the costume.

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I had wondered if one like this would be doable not sure if the inflatable would get in the way…