Tip for newbie's crotch-rot

When I first started out, a 20 minute ride would leave my tender spots sooooo sore and chaffed. What I found that works, is throwing some corn starch down the front and back of my shorts/undies/pants - whatever I’m wearing that day.

Oh, it feels so nice. It prevents chaffing, and if you notice yourself riding for a while and started to sweat/chaff, throw another handful down. (hide behind a tree or something, it ain’t a pretty site!)

After several rides, and I guess, toughening up the skin, I don’t need it anymore. However, I do make a baggie of CS the very first thing I put in my Camelbak…just in case.

You can get it at a bulk bin store for like a buck for 3 big ziplock bags. It does the same thing as baby powder for about 1/10 the price.

Anybody else do this?

No. Why?

Only when I shave. It’s a good thing the MULE has all those pockets.


i use it in my tire to keep the tube from chaffin and stickin

First, let me express how charming you sound heading this thread by referring to your “crotch-rot.”
Secondly, no. I do not use said product, but wouldn’t corn starch start growing something down there (not like viagra [come on, who doesnt like a corny reference to viagra]). If I were to try something like this, I think I’d treat myself to the baby powder.
Hmm… will unicycle.com start selling sacks of corn starch now.
-David Kaplan

They sell shot glasses, so why not?

Cornstarch (and baby powder made with cornstarch) would be OK, but avoid using baby powder made with talc in the crotch area. For women there is an increased risk of ovarian cancer when the talc gets where it shouldn’t be. For men talc can cause irritation if it gets in the urinary tract.

You can do a web search of the health sites for info on the hazards for men and women of using talc down there. One link is

Unicycle Source sells Chamois BUTT’r which works very well for preventing chafing.
Not as cheap as a baggie full of cornstarch but it is specially designed for its purpose.

You learn some interesting things if you listen to Dr. Dean Edell on the radio.

i listen to DR.dean every day.he’s on A.M.most people dont even know what AM radio is anymore.he is the greatest.i wonder what knowledge (medic wise)he has on unicycling.maybe i’ll call in tomorrow.

Anyone use cornstarch?

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rotten crotch

kewl set-up sofa
i should’ve checked the date of your posting i guess
i find cycling shorts to be more than sufficient to keep my tender bits where i dont want them while trying to do a spin mount


Recommended sequence:

  1. Have kids.
  2. Learn spin mount.

Re: Tip for newbie’s crotch-rot

Well tried the corn syrup plan and noticed no reduction in chaffing but a
significant increase in overall stickiness and urinary clogging…

I won’t be trying that again soon.


Umm… I think he said to use corn starch, not syrup?

Re: Tip for newbie’s crotch-rot

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002 23:38:59 -0600, UniDak
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>Secondly, no. I do not use said product, but wouldn’t corn starch start
>growing something down there
Yeah, sofa commented “Oh, it feels so nice”.

Klaas Bil

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