Tioga vs Aircorp?

Trying to decide which Muni pedal to try next. I read all the Aircorp reviews on RSU and have seen the Aircorp on several Munis. I would probably get the Aircorp, but I’m curious, has anyone tried the Tioga Surefoot MXPro?


The Tioga looks interesting. It is only 460 grams per pair, as opposed to 610gms on the Aircorps. It also seems to support a crazy amount of pins - 32. I assume this means 16 pins for each pedal surface.

Incidentally the Aircorp can be had for $84 at www.bikeman.com - good price. The Tioga’s going for about $70.


I don’t know how the Tioga are put together. It looks like they are similar in design to the Eastons as far as how the endcap sungs up on the bearing. That’s a bad design for muni pedals. My Easton pedals ate bearings. The bearings would get loose in a few months and if you ignored the loosness the bearing will eventually fall apart and the pedal body will fall off the spindle. It would really suck if that happened during a ride. If the Tiogas have the same design as the Eastons (and most MTB platform pedals do) then I wouldn’t get them for muni or trials use.

I really like my Aircorps. They’re not the perfect pedal because the o-rings require TLC (tender loving care) to keep the pedal from freespinning. But the Aircrops are the best muni freeride pedal I’ve found. I have to replace the o-rings about every two months because the pedals develop too much freespin. Other than that they have been the perfect pedal.

The two high end platform pedals that I’ve used and found to be inadequate for muni are the Easton Flatboys and KORE. The KORE pedals have needle bearings that lasted less than 3 months of muni use before disintegrating. The Eastons eat cartridge bearings and will fall off the spindle if the bearing falls apart.

That’s a good price on the Aircorps. I’m going to have to bookmark that bike shop.

My brain was fried when I wrote that. I don’t need to replace the o-rings every two months. I just need to overhaul the pedals every month or two. When the pedals develop too much freespin it usually means that the grease has gotten washed under and around the o-ring. The greased up o-ring no longer supplies friction to keep the pedal body from freespinning. That just means that it is time to overhaul (regrease) the pedal.

I did have to replace the stock o-rings because they fell apart. But the replacement o-rings that I’m using now last almost a year before needing to be replaced because they’ve worn down.

I don’t know anything about the quality of the pedals, but I reckon those Tioga ones look great.