TINY wheel might be a big problem

i recently started teaching my sister how to ride on a tiny uni. (well compaird to mine) i got on it and had to staop and tell mysellf its small as hell. i was like i dont know if my sister is gonna be able to advance to a bigger uni with ease. i mean the wheel is tiny. i dotn know if its gonna be like movign to a coker for her, can you guys tell me what thast like.

It might help if you told us how tall your sister is and how big the wheel is.

Re: TINY wheel might be a big problem

Personally, I have found it most difficult to move down to a smaller wheel. You get used to the extra clearance at the bottom of the downstroke and get the feeling that your feet are going to hit the floor if you don’t keep them perfectly parallel to the ground. At least that’s the feeling I got when I switched from the coker to the 24.

Don’t tell her it’s going to be a problem and it won’t.