Timu.com has included unicycling as a featured sport


Today a new website that serves as a social networking site for sports and sports teams, Timu.com, has been launched. While their original focus was on baseball and softball, they have expanded to include other sports and have even included unicycling.

So if you interested, head to Timu.com and create a profile. It’s another way for unicyclists to stay connected, show off their sport, and learn about each other.

My profile is at http://timu.com/uniryder.

It has a very similar layout to facebook and functions in much of the same way, but focuses purely on sports and sports teams.


I created one. If we get a lot of people to create one it could actually work good. There’s only 237 members right now. Unicyclists could easily add a hundred.

I just made one!

I say we take over the site with a deluge of unicycling profiles.

Is it just a coincidence that the guy who started timu.com is Matt Heaton? Dan, are you related? Is that why it has unicycling as a sport?

I just joined too! :slight_smile:

I have also joined! http://timu.com/samgoodburn
This would be cool if we could get a lot of unicyclists using it!
I will get every one in my Unicycle Club to join, will be useful to keep contact.

That’s a cool thing. Have joined too. http://timu.com/unplannedismounts

( I forgot to post mine)


i like it :sunglasses:

i’m in cool site i like it !!

Really cool site. What’s the score mean?


Shabangin’ site. I just signed up. Right now I’ve got 1790 points. Cool.


EDIT: 1995 points, and I’m only 2 spaces away from dan heaton on the points leaderboard. Front page woo! lol

My score/point tally is Number 1 in Canada! And Number 10 Unicyclist! Awesome!:smiley:

Made one.


Is there a way to chose wich province?

Cool site. I too joined. It’ll be interesting to see how the members increase since it has been posted on unicyclist.com. Currently it’s 265 members…


Here is mine: http://timu.com/unigurd

This is really cool, I seem to be addicted lol.

I like the whole points thing. Right now I’m up to 4045 :~)

Join my unicycling team if you like! http://ramrodunicyclists.timu.com/

What exactly is the “point” of having a lot of points? Do you win something, lol? I have about 4,105 points right now. Apparently you get points for uploading stuff like videos, and I’ve added a few so far. I suppose if I added ALL 165 of my videos I could amass maybe 15,000 points? Whoopie! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am ranked at #1 now and I have 5,465 points now. Still not sure what the significance is, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Terry!

I guess I’ll post mine…