Tims Short Uni Trials

Just cruising around the square

Fun to watch. Riding wasn’t top notch, but you have some legit skills.

Keep at it.

yeah hes got some better tricks found throughout our collection of films…but this was just another series in our quest to the final movie…which will be the best of dvd:)

BTW Im JD, the other rider in our other films, i was just filming and editing on this one

anybody got any feedback?? gay not gay, lame not lame, cool not cool, etc

Lighting is too dark to see parts of it.
The locations aren’t super interesting.
I like a bit of acting or whatnot, like at the beginning, but keep it short.
Music isn’t great.
I was most impressed by the enormous drop, although not successful.
Skills are good I guess… better than I can do, but not original. Try to add some new twists or props that noone has done before.
Hope the feedback is helpful


what drop are you talking about