How long did it take you to acuallty be abel to ride a uni with out falling?

self-tought: 10-20 hours

although teaching people, I’ve had them ride 10M within an hour or so.

To be any good, about 10 hours

Where in southern CA? Does THE OC = Orange County?

There are a few of us here in San Diego if you can get here and want someone to ride with.


yeah im up here in Irvine… im still trying to get running on my uni… having LOTS of trouble~~… one of my probs i noticed… is that i bring my pedals veritcal and i expect it to keep rolling… because of biking all my life… and uni is a new thing to me~… so still working on it… any tips would be VERY helpful

Just keep pedaling, all the while falling forward. It will come, it just takes time. I would almost guarantee if you put in your 10 hours you will be able to ride. Once you can do 10-15 feet the sky is the limit. The thing I love about unicycling is you always have that feeling you got when you first learned how to ride. Each new skill seems as hard or harder, and is just as rewarding when you finally get it.


It’s a wonderfull feeling whenever you get better at unicycling. I’m not sure how long it took me to learn. I’d go to this fence I found and ride a long it, trying to ride along side it and all that. Little by little I got more comfortable, now I can ride for a long time, going forwards anyways. Just keep putting yourself back on it and enjoying it, you don’t excel at anything you don’t like, at least it helps I think.


thnx for the input… but still having a bit of trouble… wow i feel like back in furst grade when i had furst tried to learn to rid e abike… now im 17 trying to leanr this thing… boi… wut a feeling… haha… my friends think its insane that im learning to ride one of these things… kuz i plan on riding it to school everymrongin rather than walk…hahah… so since im on winter break right now i plan on riding and riding and riding… till i can ride with confidence… well thanks again for the input… anymore input will still be greatlly appreciated.

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>How long did it take you to acuallty be abel to ride a uni with out

Lots of data on learning time, and a learning time prediction tool
based on your own age etc, to be found here:

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t0rk3rb0i27 wrote:

> How long did it take you to acuallty be abel to ride a uni with out
> falling?

I think it took me 10-15 hours with an 20" unicycle to ride a few meters. I
started long distance riding after two weeks with a 24". For me learning to
ride was not so difficult, but the next step, mounting without support took
a long time.

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WOw… haha… i fall in the 10 hour range… hahah…
And walter… was riding a 24 inch that much harder than a 20" kuz i have 24" that my friend bought me… or does it only affect whether i started learning forma 20 or a 24?..

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Another data point for your survey:

About 16 hours of practice to reliably get 50 meters spread over 60 days in 30-50 minute sessions. Used a 20" Unicycle for first 15 hours, then switched to a 24" unicycle. Male, age 45, no instructor, extensive web research on learning techniques.


  1. Learning is hard on equipment. Wore completely through a leather cycling glove because I used a rough concrete wall for balance. 20 wraps of gaffer tape on either end of the seat had to be redone twice during the learning process because the tape was worn through.

  2. “Fell” about once a minute for the entire 16 hours (about 1000 times), but only failed to land on my feet once. Glad I was wearing a helmet for that one fall. Back slam onto concrete knocked the wind out of me.

  3. Found the 20" ideal for learning initial balance skills, but the real breakthrough occured when I went to the bigger wheel where the pedaling motions are bigger, slower and smoother. It was easier to react to what was going on.

  4. Experienced cyclist a mixed blessing; the strong legs & good spin helped, but the bicycling reflexes and habits hurt. For example, I naturally slumped into a crouch when I didn’t concentrate on posture. I also tended to muscle the pedals instead of sitting in the seat and controlling the wheel.

about that bike part… being grown up with abike does have its disadvantages when coming to rid e a uni… haha… wells… still working… and for those out there hoo are new to this uni world like i am… good luck to you… kuz i need all the luck i can get
haha… thnx for the input

9 hoursish

i have a question though~~… when people say… 4 ohurs… 5.hours…etc… do they mean… like… in one 5 hour session?.. or 5 hours ins total…

total i would think if you did a 5hour session on a cheap uni that most learn on you would kill your crotch with the paddingless saddles

I did two 6-hour sessions on a 24" Torker unistar chrome starting on my 16th birthday.

Yeah, my crotch wasn’t too pleased with me


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Thanks for the learning time data folks. In order to get complete
entries I would prefer if you use the ‘Unicycling Talent-O-Meter’
downloadable from <www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/talent.htm>. It should be
fun to use and copies your learning data to the clipboard for easy
e-mailing to me.

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“Friends don’t let friends drop to flat - Kris Holm, discussing large drops to flat ground.”


Two weeks, practicing on a 24" 1 - 2 hours every day. I imagine you can reduce that if you’re young - I’m not. Most important (ie, used) safety gear: hand and wrist guards.