Time to learn how to ride a giraffe

Is there a steep learning curve between being able to ride a non giraffe unicycle and a giraffe? For those of you who have tried, how long did it take you to ride the giraffe with some proficiency, ie general riding and idling. I know about free mounting a giraffe already :smiley:

Re: Time to learn how to ride a giraffe

If you’re competent on a normal unicycle, learning a giraffe takes about 15 - 30 minutes (or less). Mostly it’s just adjusting to being higher up which can be a bit intimidating at first. From a technique perspective there’s not any significant difference.

It’s definitely more fun than a day at the circus. :wink:

Good luck,
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

It’s a LOT easer than it looks. It’s realy easer because more time to correct than a little one.

Most people I’v seen try for the first time, are fine after a time or two around the gym with a hand. In either case, pretty quick.

took me less than 5 minutes the first time I tried one. I took probably 2 falls max before i got the hang of the slower reactions required to ride it. I was off like a prom dress from there.
It really is easier than it looks.


Hmmmm. . . I have been riding my 24’’ CyclePro for four years now and just last Tuesday I decided to make the “jump” to the giraffe. Having never ridden a giraffe and not having had much experience with a 20" wheel, I expected the worst. HOWEVER, I had no trouble riding and idling after 10 minutes or so. Mounting was tough, and I needed help (from my car’s bumper, my basketball hoop, and a willing human assistant) the first few times, but after a couple tries, I needed only a stair or two to help me get up (no hands required). . .still can’t mount from the ground. . .but working on it. Oh, riding backwards seemed to take a while to attain competency, but after a couple days, no problems. I was even juggling torches on it today. DEFINITELY have to try the giraffe, if for no other reason than to shock and awe your neighbors who have now become almost immune to your unicycling antics as you wheel about the neighborhood. Let 'em know your still crazy!! Best of luck.

Once you learn to ride it you’ll want to freemount it. I made a tutorial on a couple of giraffe mounts for a request and it’s up in my movie gallery - www.unicyclist.com/gallery/album112 .