Time to go bigger or just ride more?

I don’t get to ride much but I have an issue with my 20" torker. Once I ride off my driveway into a lawn area and hit potholes or bumps it’s a pain to keep going. I wonder if I should get a 26"?

a 26" will make a little bit of difference, but not allot, it would just be easier to go somewhere that doesn’t have any potholes?

A 26" will make a huge difference, especially with an off road tyre. I well remember switching from a 20" to a 26" for muni.

I’m thinking of getting a Udc club 26 or 29 because I’d like to be able to ride around town when I get better and I’d like to be able to ride through parks and light duty offroad bicycle trails.

26 freestyle

Hello denno.
I bought a 26" freestyle UDC a few weeks ago. It is an excellent unicycle for the price. It rolls over the gaps on Prestatyn prom a lot easier than my 20".
Hope that helps.

A 26" muni handles the bumps much better, and feels different overall. Maybe stick with your 20" until you are a bit better, then get a larger one.

Even a bit more w/ a Muni (because of the wider rim and enables you to use a wider tire).

If you take this route, in the meantime, you could hop over the potholes if it’s hard to ride around