Time to Bust out the Studded Muni Tire!!!

Last night we here got our first snow and with it some ice and wicked frigid weather…So i guess its time to suit up my Muni with its snow studded tire…Its gonna be sweet, ive never used it before other than in some thick mud but it was soooooooo nice…

So do any of you guys have snow where you are?


Hah that sucks, I hate snow.

We got ours last week, but it wasn’t so much snow as it was a thick layer of ice, then some snow then more ice, so it looks like its snow but really its just ice. :angry:

Well from what youve said before you can jus use your pedals to smash the ice eh?

Hah, I’m surprised you remember that, I ended up shattering those pedals and now I’m using fragile sealed bearing pedals so I think smashing ice it out of the question now :p.

I can’t wait to use any unicycle (tire/tyre) in some snow. I’ve never done it before but hopefully I’ll be able to when I’m in New York. Unicycle + Snow ~= (sounds like it equals) fun

I’m very curious what brand/type/size?
Here’s a list with tires I know.

I found a weird little ice-rink that looks like it’s not supervised.
The curbs are in deed made of teeth-unfriendly concrete:

I think I might bust out a studed tire. i just went for a quick ride but I ended up ass over tea keatle every time I did a quick turn or stop. we have about 6" ofg snow over a thin layer of frozen rain. slippery :astonished:

I rode to school today on the Norco with a Max Daddy tire, that tire just eats the snow and creates a nice slick surface of a tire…

I didn’t fall though, but I almost did when I got off to walk across the street… Stopped, Dismount, Stand, Started walking and was sliding all over…