Time to build BC wheel

well i went down to the old home hardware store and i found some brackets for doors they cost like three bucks! so i then went to the muskoka bike shop and found a bmx wheel for 40 bucks but i have a 30$ gift certificate there so it will only cost me about $20 in total i havn’t bought those things yet cause i was trying to remeber if theres any thing else. is there?

youve got what you need(assuming you have bolts) but keep in mind that if you plan on doin jumps at all those hardware store brackets might not last to long.

yeah i thought they might break if i jump, but by the time i can jump i will have been in welding class for a couple of weeks (months?) and then i can make some better ones.


At the risk of sounding redundant, pictures please when you finish it. I never thought of building one before, but that would definitely be a portable unicycle!

That’s pretty much all you need. Not too sure about what you are using for foot plates, but I guess it would work. Am just making one at the moment too, but I built the wheel from scratch. I imported a hub from US, a rim from Australia, then built it like that. Have fun with your BC!

hey, im chris, and im making a BC right now!
I have just a BMX front wheel and i got some plates made at my local steel-shaping place, u know…
It is pretty much ‘bomb’ proof and costed me about AUD$30.
Have fun!