Time off pays off!!

After minimal riding for the past three weeks due to work I finally got out last night for some freestyle. Was wondering what it would feel like, and to my surprise had several breakthroughs.

First thing I did was glide on flat pavement about 12 meters. Best I had done previously was 5 or 6 meters. I found that I was very relaxed and focused and was therefore able to smoothly take my feet off the pedals at maximum speed. I was also better able to focus on lightly controlling the tire.

Second thing I did was backwards one foot (toofeno) for ten revs. Previously I had only done 3 or 4.

I was feeling awful from lack of riding - it was a pleasant surprise. Hard practice is necessary, but time off has it’s benefits too, it seems!

Another thing that seems to make a huge difference in practicing skills stuff is an open, very smooth surface with no bumps. Seems most of my major breakthroughs on skill crap comes when I’m practicing on an outdoor basketball court where I don’t have to worry about WHAT I’m riding on or that I might bump into something.


Nice work! I’m actually about to go out and practise some flatland gliding now. What other skill or trick would you compare backwards one foot riding to in terms of difficulty?


I’d say that toofeno is close to the same level of difficulty as learning wheel walking or one foot forward riding. When I learned those skills I was practicing a LOT and regularly. I remember these as the things I really had to work at in levels 1 though 7. I definitely put a lot more time into wheel walking and one foot forward than toofeno.

Now that I’m heavy into Muni, my freestyle practice is sporadic, and I might not work on a skill for weeks. So in a sense I’ve learned toofeno more easily, but I think as you advance through the skills, your ability to learn new stuff gets sharper, so it’s tough to rate difficulty levels.

With that said, it’s pretty scary at first taking your foot off while riding backwards. I think the fear factor is a big obstacle. Also, I find that my backwards riding in general is a lot less smooth than forwards, so I’ve been working on that a lot.

Oh yeah, gliding’s right up there with wheel walking in difficulty level, especially gliding ten meters on a flat surface.

Of course much of the perceived difficulty has a lot to do with how fun the skill is. Handwheel walk doesn’t seem very interesting, I’m not very motivated to do it, so it seems really hard. Gliding on the other hand, is a lot of fun, so I practice it more, and thus it seems easier than, Hand ww.