time off = magically better?

okay. so i hadn’t ridden at all in about a week and tonight i get bored and go play on my pallet stacks in the garage. Second try i made a seat out 4 stack no problem. i then proceeded to ride a 20-ish foot long all the way a few times(it’s about 3.5 inches wide, fat side of some 2x4s) i also made the 4 stack seat out a few more times with a few almost but not quite type try and serveral successful attempts.

my question is thus: does anyone else find that taken time off (a week, a few days, a month?) help their riding? i didn’t really expect to be able to do these things as i couldn’t the last few times i had ridden. now i’m surprised and pleased why myself.

I never deliberately take time off from uni, but when I do so accidentally, I am often pleasantly surprised by what happens when I get back to it. Sometimes, I actually seem improve during the break. The best break length seems to be about four days: beyond that, it can take half an hour or so to get some of my skills, especially coasting back up to shape.

I have noticed the same thing with juggling; sometimes I barely juggle at all for months, but I don’t lose my skill at all, and sometimes I improve.

I think the main reason for seeing slight improvement is that sometimes your muscles forget bad habits during the break, while remembering the good habits.

This happened to me when I was learning how to ride.After many unsuccessful attempts I took a 6-month(too long) break.When I got back on I was riding after my first session…

And I got much better at the wheel-walk after a week of not trying but lost it again after a couple of weeks off.

I’ve also noticed this happening a lot when riding flatland (BMX). I always figured it was completely in your head. You haven’t ridden for a while so you forget that you haven’t quite been able to do the trick but what jsm said makes a lot of sense too,

“sometimes your muscles forget bad habits during the break, while remembering the good habits.”

This sounds about right to me.

Same thing happened to me early in the learning phase. A surgery had me off the uni for a month and when I got back on I could ride better than I ever had.

I had been tryin to get my sidehop to 30 inches for a month now and just last night after takin a 3 day break because of all the frekin rain I got on my uni and did it 2nd try I mean 30 inches isnt much but it is big to me. so yeah i think a break can be good sometimes

When you ride a lot, it literally tears your muscles apart a small amount. While you rest, the muscles are rebuilt stronger and more effective. I noticed this as well just last week. I took a 5 day break and went to the beach. When I came back I was unicycling better in the wind and rain than I was in the dry weather.