Time line

I would like to see some of you experienced guys post some sort of time line. I know that this will vary greatly between riders, but what is the norm?

I am talking about how long it takes to reach a certain point. I got my unicycle on a Thursday. By Sunday I was able to ride 20-30 feet at a time until I get tired. This just maybe 2 hours a day. I am now at 3 weeks and and am frusterated that I cannot turn. I can go left or right by swinging my arms voilently, but I cannot ride a nice circle. I can mount unassisted, I can hop 5-10 times and continue, but I cannot hop up a simple 6 inch curb. I can drop off the curb no problem and I can ride over 1-2 inch obstacles.

I can ride maybe 2 minutes before my quads turn to pudding. Balance is not an issue, but upper leg strength. I cannot seem to remember to keep my weight on the seat. As I panic I stand up, then my legs give up.

Should I be progressing faster than this or is this normal? Learn to ride in 3 days but cannot turn after 3 weeks?

I could ride across my driveway (roughly 250 ft) in the first 2 hours…it took me a long time before i could hop curbs…prolly a month…i was fine with drops after the first week having done a three ft. Then it took me about a week to go onefooted so this as about a month and a half…then i got stuck on goin backwards…that took me a month while i was working on unispins to…now after about 5 months…i can go one footed with either foot…i can wheelwalk and im workin on gliding…just keep at it…ull get it :slight_smile:

I would have never guessed that this could be so addiciting. I am afraid that it won’t lwast, but it is just so gratifying. Some people think it is really neat and others think it is so dumb…I can’t wait to see it in the Summer Olympic games or X-games.

If you pump your tyre up more this may help you to turn easier.

Are you on a basic learner unicycle?

Riding smoothly can take a long time and some experience so I wouldn’t worry about that much.
The standard response that you’d get to this sort of thread would be ‘‘Practice more’’ - and that’s just what you have to do :stuck_out_tongue: