Time for new pedals I think

These pedals on the LX are just horrible, if they get even slightly damp, it’s like they’ve changed from plastic to ice, terribly slippery. Plus I’ve noticed that I’ve ground the grips off with my FEET, I don’t even know how I managed to do this, I can’t grind, I can’t pedal grab yet, my shoes are just newbalances, I don’t wear crampons when I uni or anything, just crappy pedals? I find I slip off them a lot too when riding backwards.

So anyways, I was cruising some of the other threads, and I saw the odyssey twisted PCs recommended a number of times for the things that I want to do.

I’m trying out unispins right now, then I plan on working on pedal grabs on stuff and hopefully grinds. So I need something grippy, that won’t just wear down quickly, from daily use. I’d like something not too expensive, as I do not have much money to spare right now, with no money coming in things are tight, but something that will last me for a while, maybe even long enough for my next uni.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

If you have looked at the Pedal Thread, you saw the Twisted PC’s highly rated. I really like mine and they would give you a lot of grip. One problem with them being plastic is that if you crash awkwardly, you can accidentally take off one of the pins. But that’s just in special circumstances.

I don’t grind either, so I don’t know how well they work for that. Surely someone on this forum has mentioned something of their grinding abilities.

Just trying to see all my options.

Pc’s will wear down if you pedal grab and grind. Maybe something metal like the trailmixes (made by ody), though you can rip pins you pedal grabbing. You don’t have the dough, but I’ve always liked getting pedals and just trying them out, some times you waste money, like with my 90$ mag Jc’s which I have had for like 2 years and ridden maybe 3-4months. People who gring generally like the jc, I did a bit of gring in the day and they seemed alright, just use one side of the pedal if that is the way you go.

As said before, you don’t need a thread for every problem you have. You can pm people, post in used threads and so on. Don’t need a new thread for every little thing, the old ones work just fine, I check them when they are on top as much as I do new ones.

Yeah, the LX pedals are terrible. I learned on one over the winter, and that was the only thing keeping me from freemounting 90% of the time. I eventually took 'em off and put bike pedals on there, and that helped a little bit. Anything would be better than those pedals, IMO.

The Twisted PC’s are good. They wear quickly though (being plastic).
I personally can not wait untill the new JC’s come out (the Plastic ones with metal pins).

Does anyone know of pedals that are wider from crank to outside (along the pedal axle)?

The outside of my wide feet is always sticking off the pedal.