Tim made a BC Wheel (imposible)

Look I made a BC Wheel. I had a bmx wheel laying around and big pegs so I cut the pegs in half so they wont turn under my feet.




I’m not sure how long the hub will last though


The hub should be fine. Couple of questions:

1.Have you thought about welding something on top of the pegs to increase foot area? Not sure if this is a problem (see #3).
2.Have you tried it?
3.When can I try it?

  1. yes I thought of that but I dont weld or dont know anyone that would want to.
  2. I havent tryed it yet but I will for quite some time tomorrow.
  3. When ever you come over next.

That’s really nice. I’ll have to try your solution I think. At the moment I’ve just got really small pegs on mine. My axle has bent a little but yours looks a fair bit beefier than mine and it should last a long time. Can we see photos/videos of the BC in action?

Very nice!

Sure once I can ride it I’ll get some pictures up and a video or two. I dont think it will take me that long to learn to ride.

How do you keep that going?

Yeah how does that work… I just don’t get it…

Generally speaking, you roll it along the ground and jump on, and keep rolling. They can keep rolling for quite some time, especially if you’re rolling down a hill :). You can keep going on the flat by pushing the wheel along with one of your hands but this is pretty damn challenging for most of us. They can also be hand wheel walked - once again, very challenging.

Just riding them isn’t as difficult as it looks though (especially if you have platforms below the axles from what I’ve heard), and it’s a lot of fun. They’re cheap too if you’ve got a spare wheel lying around somewhere. Mine cost $16 for a couple of skinny pegs that screw directly onto the axle.


Gravity and momentum. Or, if that doesn’t work, there’s always ski poles

I could do it for you, as I live like 5 blocks from you (jim’s brother)

Wow, what a clever idea, to just cut a pair of fat pegs in half! So simple. But yeah you’ll want something added on there so the two edges don’t cut into your feet. Or anything else that might land on them when you’re learning…

Also, the radial-spoked wheel looks great on there. A BC wheel is one of the only unicycle types where a radial wheel works well!

Have fun practicing with it. If not anything else, put a bunch of tape on those metal edges before something bad happens. Or, cut some pieces of wood to wedge in there. Done properly, it could also strengthen what’s left of the pegs.

if you start having trouble balancing, i would suggest lowering the feet, like so.
l l
l l
l l this shud make a HUGE
l l difference in balance.
l l
l l
l l l l
l l l l l l
l____l l l l____l
l l
l l
l l
l l
\ _ /

srry, it fudged up my drawing. just shape the pedals like this


instead of like this


I use 661s when I try to ride it so far i only got three feet.

[i]Originally posted by digitalattrition

Sure that would be great. You’re Nick right?

Yup yup

But the only thing is: are the pegs chromoly, steel, or aluminum. If they are aluminum, I cannot help you, as I don’t have a welder that is capable of welding aluminum. Also, if you wanted to use steel plates with the aluminum pegs, it wouldn’t work. Steel does not bond to aluminum. If they are chromoly, I could try to get my dad to take them to work and weld them, because you also need a special kind of welder for that (TIG i believe). I currently only have a MIG and ARC welder/generator.

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