Tim Kropivšek | 4-Set Crankflip Fails

Some 4-set crankflip fails from filming for the new video.


Some of those looked really painful! Now I want to see you land it!

You got it bro. You`ll just have to wait a few weeks for the vid.

You’re really close! You’ve got the commitment down which is the hardest, I’d advise to try and keep your feet in a bit closer though, that way you’ll probably start getting your feet on the pedals every time. Good luck, and I can’t wait for your vid. :smiley:

i guess i do know what ive done wrong. i have to kick the pedals harder so i can ctach em back when im stil in the air. But you know it was dark and black pedals moreover there were lights pointed directly at me… and i appreciate that you liked my video, thanks :wink: