Tim Desmet & Marin Mercier

Hi, Marin made a vid from the time I was at his place =D it was an awesome trip, so much fun and some nice riding ^^
For now you can only watch the teaser ^^

full vid will be online soon!:slight_smile:

cant wait…

that is one awsome teaser!!!
that drop was :astonished:

That’s a teaser for real!

I wanna watch it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

woooooooOOOOOOoooot that drop from the bridge. goosebumps. upload, upload!

360 from the bridge, haha :slight_smile:
The first part will be online tomorrow :wink:

wow i wish i could do that.

Does anyone know what that song is? it sounds like eminem


Hahahahahaha at the end. The rest of the video was crazy too, I liked when Tim did the gap-up while Marin doubleflipped the 3. Can’t wait for part 2.