Tim Desmet joins the IMPACT TEAM

Hi everyone, I’m the new member of the IMPACT TEAM =D

here is a small vid (nothing big, just some riding in my hometown) :slight_smile:

Hope you like it and leave a comment :roll_eyes:

Since I saw your part in UINAC you are my favourite rider and that’s just another awesome video.

Yep. It was only a matter of time. Nice bro! :smiley:

loved it!! But why’d you transfer?

Nice video man. Like it.
So you’re a member of team koxx and Impact?

No only impact :wink:

because the service in k1 wasn’t always that nice :stuck_out_tongue: + K1 unicycles are nice (and some k1 uni are pretty cheap) but I like impact unies even more :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! 3 spin-pedal grab was sick. The whole thing was really creative.

You got talent and moxie there Feller))))))

Great vid!

Heeel erg mooi gedaan Tim!!!
Vanaf het begin tot einde…
Heerlijke stijl!!
Thanks again for sharing those epic moments;)
Blijf trial trouw!!!