Tim Desmet and Marin Mercier [Part 1]


Enjoy :slight_smile:

nice vid

hehe :smiley: I would hate em too if they did that

nice vid man!
:smiley: but it shocked me the second time now how your vid ended

well the ending was… kinda different haha

awesome riding though, the rail was pretty sick

Awesome video! All the gaps and drops were sweet. Can’t wait to see part 2.
I wonder if all of Marin’s videos are going to end like this now…

So nice, can’t wait for part 2 :).

Loved it, but im not watching part 2 until someone confirms it isn’t more shower footage :wink:

=) nice
and the end was…:stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to watch part 2 xD so upload it pretty fast plaes :roll_eyes:

nice guys, :slight_smile: liked the up to chair back-ride 360 unispin drop, was smoooth :slight_smile: everything else was nice too