Tim Desmet 2012

Hi, this is my new video…
enjoy it and leave a comment :slight_smile:

Great riding! The no-handed unispin at 1:23 was very impressive

You are a very talented rider :astonished: Great film & editing work as well.

:astonished: Wow now there are 3 people who can do that trick. Awesome riding. Good editing and music choice too. Loved it.

insanely impressive stuff…wow…

Broken link… Can’t even find the video where is it?

There is no link. Just click the play button in the box in the post.

I cant click the video its broken for me will try on different pc

Super sick riding. Keep it up man

Oh man awesome that no hands spin and the flip at 2:25 tricks…darn!!! great skills man kudos!

Very nice. The balance of big and flow is great. The moves are smooth and creative.

The tricks are amazing and the editing is super good, congrats on a very nice edit.

Yay, keep going!

I guess the police didn’t bother bothering you, around 0:40s?

haha no :slight_smile: they just watched and left…

Your riding is smooth and awesome … the whole video very entertaining :smiley:

Fantastic :slight_smile:

Beautiful video!!!

Won’t let me watch on my iPhone :frowning:

***** outta *****

No one is going to view this, and not like it. Cool

Blocked in the US for copywrite :frowning: