tilted seat for trials?

I’ve notice a lot of people on here have the seats on their trials and MUnis tilted back quite alot. Right now I have my nimbus gel seat about centered, should I tilt it back more? What are the disadvantages/advantages?


when its tilted back you sit more on your butt. put yours where it feels best to you

like mine?

Dude…How do you ride with your seat that tilted?

i tilted mine back a bit last night and it felt a bit more comfortable. More weight is on the back not the front

mine is tilted about the same

I just tilted mine as far back as it goes(wich isn’t very far) and it felt more comfy. Oh well, time to start saving up for a derail base and thomsom seat post :roll_eyes:

giraffe- what are the specs of your trials?

my MUni (which I use for trials) has the seat back. I don’t think it matters much, though you might be able to get to seat out faster that way. I just like it for normal riding, since it puts weight further back on my butt and less on my crotch.

fuego- the first quote in your sig is so awesome.

I ride one of those. They’re worth every penny, man. Honestly. And get the sif grips for the base too.

How do you tilt it back?

new kh fusion
14g marwai spokes
kh freeride rim
kh frame, custom painted :roll_eyes:
broken seat clamp
primo tenderisers

trying to sell it atm :stuck_out_tongue:

you need a bicycle type seatpost to get it to extremes…

Loosen the first bolt on the clamp thingy, then tighten the back bolt as much as required

By adjusting the tension of the front and rear thompson seat post bolts.

For example. By tightening the rear bolt, and loosening the front one, the seat starts to tilt back. Once you get the angling you want from doing so, you make sure that the bolts are tensioned so that they are pulling against each other (with the exception of the rear, which the manual for the Thompson Elite post says should be somewhere near 60lbs (not sure if that specifically matters though) of torque, I believe), by starting to tighten the front bolt, which increases the tension of the back bolt–making sure to tighten each by little increments, so that they pull against each other, and don’t tamper with the desired angle you want your seat set at.

Does that explain it? It’s hard to describe unless you use a bicycle style seat post, like the Thompson (which is about as good as it gets for the odd kinds of stress most types of unicycling tends to put on a seat post), where you’ll be able to see in person for yourself how tilting a seat is done.

what happens if you tilt it foward instead of backwards?

i reckon your crotch would grab a whole lot of tyre

also the manual says if you install something backwards (post, plate?) a more extreme angle can be achieved :smiley:

Right. I forgot about that since I have a de-rail seat base now, and I no longer have to use a few of the pieces that come with a thompson post.

hence the age old crotch grab brought to a unicycle

it looks funny. i watched gordythegon annialate his base by sitting on the handle(trying to cranlkflip), it was like girrafes, but the other way, and he tryed tto ride it but it dint work too well