tightening double bolt clamps


my new kh uni came with a double bolt seatpost clamp and i was just wondering if there was any special way to tighten them - like should i tighten the top bolt first or the bottom one first or both evenly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I think the top one is supposed to tighten up more, to keep it… tight.

Just make sure not to overtighten it and all that, a bent seat post tube is most not exellent.

get them both snug, then give equal 1/4 turns till tight. reverse for losening.

You need to tighten them both at once and keep them even. Because the clamp moves in when tightening, the bolt that you aren’t turning will get looser, so you must keep going back and forth until they are both snug. If you do top then bottom, the top will be loose once you finish the bottom.