Tightening Axle on Giraffe...

Hi! I was wondering is there anyway to tighten my axle on my giraffe… it goes back and forth so bad I think that the only thing that is stopping the cranks from hitting the sides is the chain on the sprocket… does anyone know how to fix this? Also, I just got my new Torker TX 5ft and I haven’t put it together yet but in turning the cranks it seems that they are sticking… anyone know what this is from and how to fix it? All help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Re: Tightening Axle on Giraffe…

There are special tools and techniques to adjust your bottom bracket. Drop by a bike shop that you trust and ask them to inspect and adjust your bottom bracket.

If you’ve done a lot of riding with it that way they may need to replace the cups and cones and bearings, because they will have worn in places they’re not supposed to. Also, since they are exposed to the air and weather, the lubrication has been compromised.

Also ask them to adjust your Torker bottom bracket before you ride it. It’s normal for lower-quality bearings like that to be a little rough at first, because the bearings are not quite round. However, bb’s are often misadjusted (usually too tight) when they come from the factory, so you want to have that done to ensure that you are starting with a reasonable adjustment. After they adjust it it may be still a little sticky but after a while it will smoothen some. Then take it back and ask them to readjust it, and you’re good to go.

I’ve put together quite a few BMX and lower-quality mountain bikes, and the hubs and bottom brackets are usually too tight when they come out of the box.

So while they’re checking your bb’s ask them to inspect and adjust your hubs too.

For the giraffe with the loos axle it sounds like the bottom bracket is loose. Take it to a bike shop and they can tighten it up. It requires a special kind of wrench to tighten the bottom bracket and the bike shop will have the tools necessary to fix it.

The bottom bracket is the spot in the frame that the crank spindle goes through. I’ll let others argue whether or not it should be called a bottom bracket on a giraffe since it’s in the middle of the frame and not at the bottom.

The new Torker giraffe probably has a tight chain. Loosen up the wheel axle and the chain tensioners down by the wheel and give the chain a little bit of slack (but not too much slack). Tighten the wheel axle nuts and then tighten up the chain tensioners. You want the chain to be tight, but not so tight that the wheel and cranks don’t turn well. You also don’t want the chain so loose that it flops around.

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I think you might be referring to what, on a bicycle, would be called the bottom bracket.

You might want to check out Sheldon Brown’s page on bottom-bracket adjustment.

It’s here


Thanks guys for all the replys!

John, I failed to mention that I dont have the chain on the torker yet, I just took it out of the box and tried to turn the cranks and they are sticking while turning them…

Thanks again!


When talking to Sem on the phone, he calls it a “Top bracket”. :wink:

Or you could solve all of your problems and buy a shimano sealed cartridge bottom bracket (like I have on my giraffe (eloise) pics coming soon)

when you go to the bike shop ask them if it’s okay to watch them so you learn how to do it for yourself. all a bottom bracket takes is the parts, a cone wrench or two and the know-how (but I suppose that’s just like everything else)

good luck with your giraffes, check the straightness of the torker frame when you take it out of the box, I know my savage was bent a little and I have since bent it more.



I have started to notice a little “play” in my giraffe axle as well. Is it dangerous to ride while the axle has a little play? I’m talking 1-2mm of play. The play is “left to right” while sitting on the giraffe, or along the major axis of the axle.

While on the topic of maintenace, I have had my giraffe about 2 1/2 years… I haven’t serviced it really except for chain tension and tire pressure. What things do I need to watch for so that I know I’m safe?

Many thanks.

Not so much dangerous as it will damage the parts over time, because the bearings are tracking in the wrong place. Ask your LBS to inspect and adjust the axle; they will have the correct tools. If the inspection says it is otherwise in good shape, ask them to squirt in a little grease while they are at it.

At the same time ask them to inspect the “bottom bracket” for safety and proper adjustment, and also to check the chain for wear, stretching, and proper adjustment. They will have a special tool to check the chain. You can also eyeball the frame to ensure that it is not bent.