tighten your fasteners reminder!

this tautological pronouncement is brought to you by the if-it-happened-to-me department…

No cautionary tale of personal disaster to speak, but i thought i’d mention how loose the various nuts and bolts for my coker’s saddle, bearing caps, and crank arms and pedals got while i spent last week nailing down my self mounts.

“They got very loose.”

The salient thing here is that when learning, and spending a lot of time dumping/upding a new uni, the parts will tend work loose a lot faster than when it’s ridden competently. I suspect cokers will work loose faster than lighter unis.

The only threaded fasteners i didn’t need to retighten at least once held on the rear saddle bumper.

word: wrench.


I am gonna re-tighten all of my parts on my uni. Thanks for the reminder to do so!