Tickets to see Ted the Ted. - BUC13

yes that is right for a special BUC13 only. Ted the Ted at the grand age of 24 will be making a appearance :smiley:

Prices start at 1 strawberry liquorish, so see the 8th wonder of the world.

My father who, were he alive, would be celebrating his 82nd birthday on Friday, was named Ted. We still have his teddy bear name Molly.

Is that on or off-topic?

shhh, i’m hoping no one will notice :roll_eyes:

hahaha that’s gayest thing i ever seen on a forum…

well now, Ted is just adorable!
and looking so young to be 24! I would have expected maybe more along the lines of 15 or 16, but Ted looks marvelous for his age :slight_smile: