Unicyclists, beware of this fiendish one-wheeled gang. The Thunderwheels want to acquire your turf.

Hell on Wheel could take the thunderwheels any day. can’t own the world if you dont own Virginia. And you DONT! Cause we do!


I’m wit the Hell-on-Wheel Gang here, No Thunderwheel Gang is Takin my Turf, Edinburgh is Official Klown Territory

I wish I had a gang… too bad the closest competent rider is around 150 miles away. Gangs are no fun if you’re the sole member, eh?

How far is Virginia/DC/H.O.W. turf from Blue Bells/Pensilvania/Thunderwheels turf? I’d pay good money to see that duel

HELL ON WHEEL doth own Virginia!

I warn all Thunderwheels, on behalf of Hell On Wheel, in Virginia to watch their backs.
You have precious little time to renounce your Thunderwheels affiliation before we kick your sorry butts!

We have the famed John Glazer on our side,
a unicycle prodigy soooooo good that we call him “Jesus.”

I smell battle in the breeze…

From the hyperbole in the article one would almost think Dan Kelley was a Thunderwheels member, or at least an honorary member.

Thunderwheels shmumberwheels

They said if they had to they could out uni any other gang, I doubt that.

MUNI MILITIA! I, as a proud member of the Muni Militia(the well known and greatly appriciated as best gang) declare neutrality in this dispute until otherwise noted. We also claim Europe and Canada and Several US States as territory.

Long Live The Militia.

hey klownlife, you ever notice how north edinburgh golfers putt like this <putting motion>
and south edinburgh golfers putt like this <different putting motion>

eh? eh?

Hell On Wheel Will not stand for this blatant disregard of our gang! We have given you warning, and all i have to say is


Yah, we’ll I’m not in a gang but if they wish to take over Iowa I will bat them down, and after I fail George Barnes (also of iowa) will create a unicycle which makes me better and thus i will smash them…or he could just take them out, theyve never ridden across iowa and until then they are no match.

Following is an open letter to all infidels who claim allegiance to the blasphemy of Thunderwheels.

Dear Treasonous Dolt,

On behalf of Hell on Wheel and the sport of trials unicycling alike, you are asked to immediately drop all commitment to the evil bane also called Thunderwheels and claim unfaltering loyalty to the supreme gang of the land, the Hell on Wheel Unicycle Gang.

Any noncompliance will be punished either by suspension of riding privileges and/or confiscation of soul, depending the the majority consesus of the district or locality where such a crime has been transgressed.

Furthermore, as a once believer of idols and denying thine true leader, the privelege, the honor, of becoming a member of the Hell on Wheel Unicycle Gang must be denied. Worry not, for the role of servant and slave can still be attained even by such scum as yourself.

The word you have just been priveleged to hear can be compared only to the word of God himself, and any transgressions are punishable both in life and in death.

The amazing, the only, the superb

Hell on Wheel Unicycle Gang

What is this? A threat?.. A taunt?.. A challenge to the rightful owners of Virginia and D.C. Well, well, well… It seems to me that someone thinks they are better than the almighty Hell on Wheel gang. Let me inform your supposed “gang” of just how sweet Hell on Wheel really is. It was us who built the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. We were the men who made up such superheros as Batman, Lewis Black, Jesus and Zorro. Without us there would be no velcro shoes, no microwaveable pizzas, no old people homes. The Internet, electricity, women, and crack cocaine would never had been invented had we not chosen for them to be. As you now know, we are the most psycotic men that have ever set foot on this earth…and we have pissed a great big circle around Virginia.

I see the Muni Militia in this dispute as America in WWII. We support H.O.W. However we will not join in this battle. Yet…

Hell on Wheel clearly controls this forum in terms of number of supporters, but, consider this-

Thunderwheels boasts none other than the great John Foss as a full fledged member.

Hell on Wheel, your thoughts?

well, as i said before, any member of thunderwheels is a traitor. But someone such as john foss may obtain a pardon if he expresses the required loyalty to hell on wheel.

I’m so proud of what the Hell on Wheel gang has become! It all started when I taught John to ride the summer before last (he learned in a day). Now him, Trip, and several others have totally left me in the dust!

When I gave Dan Heaton my e-mail address (hell-on-wheel@unicyclist) over AIM when ordering U2, he responded with something like, “Oh, Hell on Wheel gang, sweet!” That had to be the biggest compliment of my life.

Ok, now I’m gonna go uni, for real.

who will plunder the thunder?

busted lollypop.jpg

I dont know who to go for now!

Jagur - Militia
Hell on Wheel
John Foss - Thunderwheels

I will simply stay independent until Iowa is at risk of being flooded.

after serious soul-searching, i decided to join the hell-on-wheel gang and offer sub-saharan africa as a sweetener to my membership application

i had one (1) email response and that was to instruct me to wait till the next meeting where my application and offer would be discussed

this was more than a year ago

u’ll understand if i decide to offer the dark continent to the other players in the unfolding world-uni-domination market