thunder dragon questions (well questions)

I was wondering what glasses Kris is wearing in this photo?

Whats next? Do you also want to know what type of underware he wears? Yes, thats it, lets become Kris Holm clones. Ahh an army of unicyclists to do his bidding. Muhaha.
-David Kaplan

no, I was just in the bargain for a new pair of glasses and those look like very high quality glasses ok!!!

Chill, I was just screwin with you. Those really are nice glasses though.
-David Kaplan

I’d join that army! :smiley:

wasn’t that like watching michealangelo painting that chapel roof and wondering what he uses to tie his hair back?
that is a kewl pic


look that’s me!!!

jonathan ware2.jpg

Congratulations dude. . . I’m so happy that you figured out how to put pictures along with your posts as well as avatars. You must think you’re SOOOOOOOOOOOOO smart!!


this ones for you,Jonny!

jonathan ware2.jpg

which clans tartan is that shirt?

well, I would wear my clan, which is McKellar but I couldn’t find one, I don’t think that is a clan tartan, anyone go to the utah scottish festival?!?

Have a look for MacKellar rather than McKellar, the “Mc” prefix is a corruption of the original “Mac” meaning “son of”. To save you the time, here a some samples of the macKellar tartan -

The dress tartan is a bit yucky, but most dress tartans are (dress does not mean the women’s clothing item but kind of the equivalent to “black tie” formal dress). Here’s a bit of blurb on your clan history - MacKellar is the Gaelic Mac Ealair, ‘son of Ealair’, from Hilarius, Bishop of Poitiers in about 1230, and the main family was in Argyll from the thirteenth century, before spreading to other parts of Scotland and overseas.
So it looks like your ancestors were maybe ancient comedians;)

Have fun!


No wonder I am so funny!!