Thunder and Blazes

Yesterday evening I rode past the local band concert on the Statehouse
lawn (Montpelier, Vermont). Just then, the band struck up the notorious
circus song. At first I thought it was a coincidence. Anyway I felt
compelled to circle back and show off a little bit in front of the
audience as the band finished up the song.

I have to say I got a big kick out it, whether or not a coincidence.

The name of that song is “Thunder and Blazes”, apparently written in
1897 by Julius Fucik.

There are quite a few midi’s of it on the web. Here is a keyboard
version that I snagged from somewhere:


Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA

Alternate email:

[sp]Strange, I know the tune as ‘Enter the Galdiators’… there was a long thread on this some time back… let me see… wave the hand over the kristal ball… once , twice, Thrice, and Whatever comes after thrice.

Ahhh, I remeber it well… like lunch… acid reflux…[/sp]


Someone with more stamina than I have… :frowning: