Thumbs up for the KH fusion freeride

Having managed, with lots of cunning and wheeling and dealing, to get more holidays over the christmas holiday than my son, I found myself blissfully alone this morning on a fantastic winter morning. The air was still and cold and the sun was shining and I had nothing on my mind but unicycling.

I thought I’d see if I could ride further than my previous record of 15 miles (not much for some of you perhaps, but I’m building my distance gradually).

I had a blissful ride. 10 miles along the coast cycle path and then 11 miles back. 21 miles. Yahoo! And the KH fusion freeride saddle was FANTASTIC. That’s not to say I didn’t get a bit sore, or need to some rest and relief occassionally. But no numbness. I think the shape is absolutely fantastic for me. And much easier to change position than either of the other (older) KH saddles that I have tried.

So, thumbs up for the KH fusion freeride. And my first ‘long’ ride on my Nimbus 36".

Yeah, I love the freeride as well. Very comfy. Main thing I like about it is theres lots of places to shift back and fourth putting pressures on different places. The foam is also the perfect firmness.

I concur. I have one on my Radial 360 now and I love it. I just ordered another for my Muni.

I love that seat. It’s the best seat I’ve ever used! (ive never used an air seat though)

Does anyone else find it a little too low profile? I slipped a small slab of foam underneath the foam that came with the new KH freeride and put it all on my miyata base and covered it witha gemcrest leather cover. It looks a bit bulky, but it feels a lot better. I think the new KH freeride is a little too hard for my liking, but with a little foam underneath it is amazing.

Ive got that saddle and i love it to bits:D