thrown out of tesco's supermarket.

Just went to tesco’s for some stuff and the same security guard i had problems with last time stopped me and said to leave that at the door.

Last time he was happy for me to carry it. This time though i said “you can’t garantee it’s safety so i’ll carry it”.

He chased me down and promptly “well i’m gonna have to ask you to leave”.

I asked to see the manager and was sent to the front door to wait for him. I questioned the manager about why i can’t bring this into the store with me and he said that we don’t allow them into the store like skateboarders and bicycles and we provide a place around the corner there to lock up your bikes classing my uni as a bicycle.

I was happy to point out that the the security guard in question is the only one on duty which has a problem with it and I’ve been in dozens of time with it in the last few weeks.

He said that his decision would be the final one and it was his choice to not allow me to enter.

I thought fair enough, so i go around the corner to check out where you lock up your bikes. I find 2 lamp posts with 2 signs on it. Bike Parking, and Bicycle Parking.

No bars for locking up your bikes, nothing, just 2 signs and 2 lamp posts.

Can say I’m quite infuriated.


sucks to be in england supermarkets then :stuck_out_tongue:

That sucks, but it’s their shop so it’s up to them whether they let you in with a unicycle or not.
I can understand you not wanting to lock it up, I hate leaving my uni locked up, especially if there are no other bikes around.

Do you have a Sainsbury’s you can go to instead? Or you could just wait until you’ve got a coker, then you can speed past the security guard, grab your shopping and be at the checkout before they can stop you!

i just leave mine with the gaurd

hes a big stroung guy and he will remember my face

no1s gonna try to steel it whith him stood there

oh and one i just put it in a trolly and he didnt notice it was there

and i pushed it around in the trolly

Just lock it up?

Why don’t you just have a lock? I carry a chain and a master lock with me. I’ll lock to anything I can find… gutters, signs, posts or whatever. The nice thing about the chain is it’s flexible and can go around/through just about anything.

I posted a thread a long time ago about how I went to work but the door was locked… and I usually left my uni inside the backdoor of work, so I went into another shop to wait and left the uni right outside… like an hour later someone came and opened the door and I totally forgot about my unicycle, I guess I was just so used to putting inside and not worrying about it. Anyway, few hours later I remembered it was outside only to find it gone forever :frowning:

Looks like you have two choices:

  1. Shop at Tesco’s, leaving your uni with the guard or locking it up outside like many other businesses will have you do.

  2. Shop elsewhere.

Caveat on #2: They may have the same rules. Their store, their rules. At least maybe the’ll have a bike rack.

I’ve never heard of a locked unicycle getting stolen. If you ride urban, and want to make stops/errands, having a lock is probably a good idea.

My friend had her Koxx one stolen from a bike rack that it was locked to, so now you have. I’ve left my giraffe leaning against the door of my tesco metrol and asked the gaurd to keep an eye on it late at night a couple of times, no problems.

Hmmmm, I see your problem. Your shopping at Tescos. You see, Sainsburys is where its at.


Argh I meant Sainsbury’s Local, not tesco metro. Where sainsbury’s is ‘at’ is the end of broard street whereas the tesco is all the way down the cowley road, and I can’t giraffe that far so I’ve never found out what their treatment of unicyclists is like.


%&@#** thieves. How did they liberate it? Bad locking job or “good” thieves?

Well it was a fairly meagre chain with an integrated combination lock, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut the chain or cracked the code, they didn’t leave the chain at the crime scene so we never found out. Her insurance paid out in the end. There are rings of professional bike thieves in Oxford, aswell as a load of pikey s**** who would nick anything that looks interesting, so who knows.

I’ve been asked once to leave my unicycle at the front of the store, I don’t remember if I did or not, I think I did but made me shopping very quick. Came back to it sitting there with the guard standing by them.

You should go back to the store and tell them that is nothing to lock your uni to, or just try to walk in pretty briskly and get past the guard.

Strap the thing upide down to your rucksack and claim it’s a fashion accessory, or that you don’t know what it is, it just came with your bag. I recently spent an entire day negotiating my way round the London underground with a KH24 strapped to my back, no problems atall.

Apologies for this thread hijack.

As in any walk of life, I am confident that there are s**** amongst the traveller community. However your casual use of the expression “p**** s****” implies that all travellers are s****. If you exchange the word “p****” with a pejorative term for blacks or Asians you will see what I mean.

I have taught and worked with members of the traveller community for some years; if I were forced to generalise, I’d say they were the families who were noticable for always paying up for everything almost immediately (as opposed to many non-travellers who either made us chase them for money, or didn’t pay at all).

Hijack over. I’ll settle down now. Personal thing. Sorry.

What’s the problem?

Unicycles easily fit in shopping carts.


am i missing something? wheres the unicycle?

That was just a Google search pic showing Tesco has shopping carts. The closest Tesco from my house is still over 4,700 miles way so I had to be sure they had carts.

So yes, the unicycle is missing.

I once brought my unicycle into a store by putting it in a shopping cart. No one objected.

When I ride my unicycle to work (Wal-Mart), I used to chain it on the bike rack out front, but the last time I left my giraffe on the rack, the tire was completely flat when I got off, and had a couple of small slits in it. One of my co-workers said he had seen some skater types hanging around that area earlier, so I suspect them of slitting my tyre. In any case, I now leave my unicycle in a closet instead of on the rack.

They DON’T have shopping carts. They have trolleys. I know. I was there once a long time ago (at a Sainsbury’s).

i’ve only once been stopped when i brought my unicycle into a shop. it was because the tire was dirty and they had carpeting. they didn’t want me to leave a long tire mark all through the store. however, i satisfied them by carrying it. i just stuck the seat under my arm and hooked my fingers around the tire. it worked for them. :wink: however, i’m paranoid about leaving my unicycle somewhere for more than a few minutes so i try to leave it behind a desk or somewhere. once i went inside the YMCA for five minutes and left my uni unlocked to the bike rack. i came back out and there was a whole circle of kids around the bike rack. i pushed my way in only to find a kid trying to mount MY unicycle. i couldn’t believe the nerve of them! anyway, i don’t do THAT anymore.