Three Steps

My 8 year old is doing things I can’t:)

Awesome, I wish I could do that. :smiley:

Wow she’s a natural! Good job.

best video ever!!!

I’m really proud of him. He was almost ready to ride in the spring but didn’t practice all summer. He’s a visual learner and watched me learn. He got bored learning so thought himself to free mount from watching me but couldn’t ride yet. Then in the fall he decided to practice again picking up where he left off. He just progressed beyond the backyard about a month ago.

We went to a small park yesterday with paved loop so he could ride his 20 and I could ride my 36 and we could see each other most of the time. I was watching him try to free mount up hill and was going to tell him to stay on the flat loop but by the time I got to him he rode up the hill. So I just gave him encouragement and kept riding. Then I saw him ride down the hill like a pro so I stopped to take a video the next time he came around. By this time I’m really impressed with his progress. He’s still at the swing your arms and everything else wildly phase. I hopped back on my uni for another lap and he’s riding down a steep grass hill. He hasn’t ridden off road before other than the back lawn when he rode off the patio practicing. I stopped for another video thinking it would be the highlight of the ride. We stopped to rest at the top of the grass hill at a little paved spot that happens to have two steps one way and three the other. He gets a little smerk on his face eyeing the two steps. I suggested that he should wait until a day that we have more pads with us to try something like that. He rides down the steps UPDing at the bottom. He tries again and again I suggest more gear is in order. After the second UPD he asked if he should be standing on the pedals. I say yes and get my phone out for another video. He rides it like its nothing. He rides it one more time and sees the three steps. Out comes the phone again and he lands that on the first try. That’s the video on this thred.

Kids are amazing.

Yes kids are amazing.

Sorry I got confused. I was thinking he was another eight year old from this area that I’ve seen on YouTube. So many talented young ones around here. :smiley: That’s how I got inspired to take up riding last May. I saw kids getting ready for Syttende Mai in Ballard.

Nice! That’s REALLY cool! Great job, both of you! :astonished:

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