Three stack uni for sale

Yuni three stack with Sem extensions for sale on Ebay, item #7246267307

wow, is that you in the other picture?

How kind of you. But it’s actually my son Ben from a couple years ago who is now 16 years old.

is it possible to do the clmb up mount or only the catapult mount? I really want one of these because I really want a new giraffe.

Neither so far. Ben is able to catapult mount a 6-footer. The mount requires rolling before the leap but on the 3-stack, there is a bit of friction between the wheels that makes an easy free roll somewhat difficult. This uni is also 6½ feet high. I assume a climb up mount would be possible but one would have to get the uni moving against the friction.

Also, as I mention in the auction description, the Sem extensions are not the strongest setup in the world so we only used the uni for show; I held the uni while my rider climbed up and aboard, then he or she just rode, no fancy stuff.

Just found our video clip of Ben mounting the 6-footer. I think the clip was taken almost two years ago when Ben was 14 years old.