Three Short Muni Videos

I’m working on putting together a video this summer fo riding, mostly for my relatives who’ve only seen still shots and think it’s kind of, well… odd. And who says it isn’t? But anyways, ifyer looking for awesome, mind-blowing muni and natural trials riding, go look at Andrew Carter’s vids. If you want to know what I can ride, I present the following for your consideration (though I will accept adoration in its stead.)

The Old Mountain Road Featuring “American Psycho” by Treble Charger

ATV Trails and Stuff Featuring “Phil Was Always Here” by Plumtree

Shannon Road Muni Featuring “First Kiss” by They Might Be Giants

I know the riding isn’t the greatest (compared to the likes of Owen, Andrew, Kris, etc) but it’s getting better. Anyone have any ideas for ways to improve the actual filmography, keeping in mind that so far it’s been me, the camera, and a tripod?

And now, our feature presentations…

I really enjoyed these, Nick. I like the overall structure of returning to the start. Setting up the camera yourself must have been a lot of work!

If you do another set at the end of the summer you’ll be able to compare your progress after three months of practice.

Good job, Nick. Thanks for the videos. Good editing. Unless you had a remote, there must have been a lot of unusable footage from the time that you set up the camera and got yourself to the starting position. I’ve wanted to get some video of my riding also. Now I see a way to get some footage. Thanks.

Thanks guys!
It’s my brother’s camera, and I don’t know if he lost the remote or anyhing, but it’s not there anymore… so yeah, a lot of running to position :wink: I’m already seeing progress in my riding, the confidence of the KH equipment over the stock UDC hub/cranks helps a lot :slight_smile:

So far, I’ve been doing each day’s filming asa separate video, but I think I’ll have to stop… 4 hours filming comes out to about 2 min of video, and there are only so many songs I have in that length-range… and my riding isn’t good enough to leave the original soundtrack in, a la Carter :wink:

Those were great, they really made me want to go out and ride. Some nice rock lines in there… I thought it was nice to see a wide path with lots of different possible lines and you picking the hardest/least smooth ones. That’s what muni’s all about I guess.

Keep 'em coming!