Three pairs of shorts.

So far I’ve only taken my uni up the road and back - there are impossible hills (mild inclines) that I can’t get past so I only do a maximum of 400 yards at a time before dismounting and going back. But today I took my KH24 to an old disused railway now turned into a cycle track that runs flat and straight for more than ten miles and rode for 1.82 miles dismounted and rode 1.82 miles back - comprehensively trouncing my previous world distance record.

I wanted to see if I could get on and ride for as long as I liked without my legs getting tired or losing balance for no reason, and I could. It felt great, a real confidence builder. Weight in the seat, relax, head up. Loved it.

Next time, and my top tip for fellow newbies, I will wear three pairs of shorts instead of my usual two - padded cycling shorts under the Dainese armoured and Troy Lee Moto.

11 miles.

Spured on by wednesday’s 3.64 mile success today I visited the same route and completed 10.92 miles - nearly 20k.

An interesting experience:

I was much more competent on the way out, on the way back I had numerous UPDs that I put down to fatigue - the problem seemed to be not being able to keep a regular cadence, the uni kept running away from me - possibly because I was tending to lean too far forward.

The padded cycling shorts did not alleviate much saddle pain, but I would have to repeat the journey without them to be sure.

Having run a couple of half marathons the overall impression was that I had worked about as hard as I would have done had I run the same distance - does anyone know the comparison between running and unicycling for energy output and calories burned?

A very valuable uni experience, marred only by my not carrying any water - camelbak has just been added to my buy list.

when I first started riding, I had a hard time actually spinning for long distances without tiring… as I rode more, I had to consciously remind myself to relax and put more weight on the seat. Eventually, my forward backwards pitching became less pronounced and I finally found a groove. it took the better part of the summer. After now riding for a year, I find that I can actually spin uphill on a small grade and with just the right amount of forward lean, it feels like spinning on flat ground! Easy, minimal resistance…

after the long story… my point is this: keep riding, be conscious of where your weight is, smooth circle spins; and it should get much easier. (If I recall, you started riding this year?) I never ran 1/2 marathons, but I’ve run 5k and I can Muni 5k with much less energy expended.

what size wheel/cranks are you using for these rides?

I have a KH24 with 150mm cranks.

24" with 150’s is what I started on. Eventually, a bigger wheel and/or shorter cranks would help significantly for distance. I just built up a 29er with 145mm cranks and I feel like I’m crawling on my 24 now.

I know exactly what you mean. I just bought a KH20 that feels like a little toy when I’ve been riding the 24, and the 24 feels tiny when riding a flat road for more than a few hundred yards. I’m beginning to feel as if I’m never satisfied and should be buying a KH29 for distance - which I probably will.

For me it’s time in the sadddle that matters as this point in my learning curve - I’m not trying to make distance records or build up to commuting, spending two hours at a joggers pace is fine just for now.

I own a KH29 and only live ten miles down the road from you.

Give us a shout if you’d like to try it out.

Very kind offer - one that I will take you up on once I’ve improved a bit. Maybe we could do some muni together twards the end of the summer - another four months of practice and I should be worth riding with.

I feel like I’m crawling on my 29. I’m used to riding a 36 now. The 29 is frustratingly slow. I’m going to have to try it for muni otherwise it will just sit in the garage. Your biggest wheel quickly eclipses the rest for road riding.

Congratulations on the personal distance records!

While it’s true 36ers are fantastic for distance riding, we’ve had a blast around here lately on 29ers with 125mm or shorter cranks. They’re fantastic for cruising fast around town without the maneuverability issues the big wheel has.

29ers are a lot easier to transport too.

It’s even worse when you go from a 36er to a 20". I push down on the pedals far too hard and it literally takes 5 minutes of riding to adjust.