Three months on....

Three months on from my chest surgery, and three months of not riding a unicycle. It’s really starting to get to my head. What’s getting to my head even more is that I’m not allowed to ride for another 21 months more.
It really, really sucks.


Heading back into things too soon after surgery could cause a relapse that you might never recover from. Take the time and look at doing some different things that you’re physically capable of. The Uni will still be waiting for you when its time.

That sucks! What happenned to get this sugery?

oh thats terrible :frowning:
Same question as Jaco though, sounds bad :frowning:

Yeah thats terrible news. I feel bad for you. It would have already gotton to my head a couple times by now. But like they said, find something that you can do to take your mind off it. Challenge yourself, learn something new.

I had a chest deformity which was pretty bad, it compressed my heart and lungs, so I got it ‘fixed’, although it means no unicycling for two years, and the only activities I’m allowed to do are running and swimming. It really sucks, and it means I’ll have so much to catch up on when I am allowed to again!

:frowning: thats horrible, but why would running be allowed, but unicycling not? You’re a distance rider arent you? I would think running would be worse?
Im not trying to be a douche here, just curious.
Good luck :slight_smile: