Three Magura HS22 brake sets and Echo CNC mounts, like new

I came across a stash of Magura rim brake parts that were new “take-offs” and New old stock (NOS) from the late 1990’s. I made up a couple of brake sets that are essentially like new, I installed fresh brake line, put new pads on them, filled and bled them with marura “blue” blood and they are like new. . . . and on E-bay

  1. This one is a complete front and rear set for a bike. The front is ready for unicycle use, and you could shorten the tubing on the rear to make two sets for unicycles. (I’ll shorten and re-bleed for free for the winner if they want)Bike mounts also included

  2. This one is set up for the front wheel or for unicycles. Bike mounts also included :

  3. These are CNC’d Echo Mounts for Magura rim brakes, mounts for one wheel, anodized black with hardware. Way cooler than the plain-Jane Maggie knock-offs UDC is selling:

Lemme know if you have any questions. See pics below and the pic of the shiny new wheel cylinder faces . . . . . :slight_smile:

I wish you would put some buy it now prices on these things. I hate dealing with ebay auctions. I have to spend a week stressing about it and then I usually lose.

I had a “buy it now” option on the brake set, but Ebay takes this option away once the first bid is placed. I’m sure its possible to end an auction early if you make me an offer I can’t refuse.

All sold

All sold now, but I’ll have more HS33 and HS22 brake sets for sale soon, so let me know if you are looking for something in particular.

Those orange sets are awesome! Oh well :frowning: