Three Amigos


no pun intended

3 guys, 2 wheels, hmmm?

That is a big-ass looking wheel on the left there! Is that 26 gazz with Large Marge or something?

Sweet pic! that background looks fake. :smiley:

It’s actually 3 guys/4 wheels. The third guy, my brother, can uni, just not 5000’ vertical & 6500’ descending, and 23 miles at elevations over 12000’. So he road his mtn bike.


It is a Dirt Uni w/26"gazz

8 hours of pure heaven, check this out


My envy hurts.

I want to come up and ride where the background looks fake! Maybe a little less climbing though… Love those pictures, Mike!

Here are some of my own “fake background” shots:


That is epic. Long live long rides.

Thanks John, it was Epic. This was after a 9000’ up and down day w/65 miles cokering in 95 degree weather in Mesa Verde National Park. I am trying to get a trip report of both epic days together, so I can post it here. LONG LIVE LONG RIDES W/CLIMBING!!

Stunning, Mike. I used to climb alot up by Independence Pass, so I know how beautiful the area is. It almost looks like you could do much of that trail on a 36 incher. I can´t help but think Aspen might be a great place for a big regional Muni meet. I live at sea level and would be sucking wind big time. Maybe we could airlift in to the apex and just do the descent.

What kind of camera are you using for those great shots? They are amazingly vivid.


Those are great pictures. I would love to be there with my muni.

My envy hurts too.

I use a Nikon 5600 coolpix, just picked it for this epic weekend. I can’t wait to use it somemore. This photo’s are from the San Juans in Southwestern Colorado, but Aspen is the same, just different. I would love to host a HUGE Uni event in this area…

John F. I liked your albums of fake backgrounds, thanks. Plan a trip to Co. sometime, we would be honored to have you here.

TT, how’s the riding going?


… or is it lust … ???

Oh! Name the time & place. I’ll be there.

I don’t even know how I would begin to train for rides like those. Our hills are . . . . well, hills.

It is hard to train for a ride like this one, we were out for 8 hours at a high elevation. Like 3,000-4,000’ higher than were I live. My advice is to just ride allot, and spend all day doing it. Your body must be trained to turn fuel into energy for hour after hour. Make sure your nutrition is appropriate for endurance events like this. Then, take a road trip to Colorado and blow yourself away with rides like this. Keep riding.

I think the word “amigo” means “friend”.

Promo, please leave speculation to the professionals. JD

wut? specualtion

Having recently been to Colorado, I really don’t see myself at that level. I went snowboarding, and opted to leave the state after 3 days of that “inability to breathe, feeling weak” thing. I was chased out by a blizzard (well, y’all wuuld call it a “snow”) as well.
For people that don’t know about Colorado climbing . . . pedalling up the hill is only have of the challenge. Try pedalling up a hill and breathing every 3rd rotation. :roll_eyes:

It’s inhuman what you’re doing!

(It took me 4 hours to do 10 miles of intermediate M-uni today {started in 95 degrees, ended in rain and mud}. I am a looong way from being able to climb 5 miles of 8% grade non-stop. I think most of us are.)

Congratulations on another amazing ride!

Are you going to CMW?
What about Kai (and/or your brother)?