threading tool?

What gauge is the threads on a 2005 KH20 frame? And is there a tool for it. Need to get the thread back from the paint.

You’re likely thinking of a tap. While a tap can be used to clean a thread, I believe it should only be used as a last resort. By design, a tap removes metal in the process of threading… even though your KH is already threaded you may end up removing more than just paint, leaving the threads weaker than they were before.

If you haven’t already tried solvents, wire brushes, etc., to clean the threads, I’d suggest you give those a go before resorting to a tap. If you’re worried about damaging surfaces that you want to stay painted, you can coat them with wax / paraffin before applying the solvent.

If you do want to go with a tap, simply bring a screw from your KH to your local hardware store and ask them if they can measure the threads on it and recommend a suitable tap. You’ll also need to get a tap wrench… together the two parts should be $10-15 USD. Before using the tap, however, I suggest you do a little research on how to use it properly. It looks easy to use, but once you mess up with a tap it’s very, very hard to fix the mess.

it’s powerdercoat in the thread. Suggestions?

I would do it with a tap, but you will need to be careful that the tap goes into the existing thread and doesn’t take out more metal, or you’ll cock the thread up like maestro said. The powder coat will be much softer than the metal so it shouldn’t be too difficult to make sure the tap goes into the thread. If the coating is just around the ends of the thread, rather than going right into it, you might be able to poke it away with a sharp pointy thing rather than having to use a tap, but mind you don’t damage the thread (it’s aluminium right?)


Grease the threads, thread the bolt in a little, and just crank on it with an allen wrench till it clears the threads.

Use a tap. Go for a cleaning tap (the one without the big taper on it). This is what they are designed for, a bolt is as likly to damage the thread as fix it.

Do be careful when doing it to make sure it is going in square though.

The thread size is a standard M6 I believe. One of the most common sizes available… I think it is M6x0.8 from memory, but do check this first.