Thread for posting things you'd like to see done in a unicycle video.

Post what you would like to see done in a unicycle video.

Sorry if there’s already a thread like this, somebody can just post and tell me and this thread can die.

Personally, I’d like to see a unispin on a giraffe. Or I’d REALLY like to see a crankflip on a coker. How AMAZING would that be!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Post it, impossible or not.


Unispins on a giraffe are posible and have been done, I dont know where I saw them though. A crankflip on a coker would be cool I have been thinking about doing them on my KH29 but have never got around to it, I have tried pretty much every other (pretty simple) trick on it.

Sideways ww on a 3 wheeled giraffe would be intresting, or if you had a flatcrown fork on a standard girafe you could maybe stand on that and pedal with your hands.

Dustin Kelm has a giraffe with pegs at the axle and he stands on those and pedals with his hands in the Defect extra footage.
Sideways ww on a 2 wheeled giraffe would be way cooler.

In one of this years Fluck videos a guy does a 360 unispin in his giraffe, i’ll find it and post the link later. I would like to see a backsomersault on a unicycle, launch off a ramp and do it like bmxers can do. It’s totally impossible i know but it would be cool to see. Theres somebody who did a backflip in his wheelchair aswell that was amazing!! :smiley:

A chronicle of someone learning to ride a unicycle…

Starting from the first encounter at least to level 2 riding.

Showing not just successful attempts but the UPDs and maybe a bruise or two if it applies. :slight_smile:

Either would be awesome.

If someone could cranklip or unispin on a handail then carry on riding it that would be emense, what about tom pec? he seams to have some incredible rail riding ability, Im sure he could do it.

A handrail grind and midway jumping onto the rail and riding the rest of the way down. Thatd b incredible.

I’d like to see other 50+ year olds doing extreme uni/Muni/coker! Comon guys I know I’m not the only one!!! :sunglasses:

id be cool to see some one do a 360 off a big muni drop, like 5-6+ ft

I think Cody’s (unicaw) done LOTS of those.

crank flip on giraffe
and a goker…giraffe coker!!!

its been done

BC wheel dirtjumping.

BC around a loop the loop, or in a wall of death.

Gliding down a huge hill on a coker…

when I get good(as in I get them perfect) at sideways ww on a normal unicycle I could try it on my 3 wheeler…

I’d love to see a BC wheel, or that Freewheeled Uni taken to a halfpipe…

It shouldn’t be that hard to learn how to do, and it could be a seperate type of riding!

Bryan Stevens does stuff with ramps and that kind of stuff…


id love to see this