thousand oaks CA ride.

hey guys, cody and i are goin riding tomorrow. we are probably meeting at my house in oak park (my address is 660 cervantes ct. oak park CA). if anyone wants to come out and ride with us that would be cool. my number is 818 540 5018 give me a call. we will probably go get pizza after we ride.

It’s probably not a good idea to post your address and phone number on a web site. You may get calls from all sorts of salespeople after spiders have harvested your number. I guess the same may apply to your address for junk mail? Better to share this info only with the people who actually need it, via email or less-public means.

Whatever you do, don’t post your real name in this thread…

Sound advice, which I’ve always followed.

John - PM’s would be O.K. right? (I have done that) Or are they less safe than e-mails :thinking:

I shall call you EB :-D.vHHHAHAHAH Pizza… Anyways ya I hope someone else wants to hit it up with us!

Ohh and im gonna pull the celebrity card…Spencer be ridin too…

i definitely should have had joe leave spencers trials uni here then haha.

i would love to come but i will be at disneyland

About the same, as far as I know. But the Web gets constantly trawled by spiders looking for personal data, and never goes away…