thoughts on nimbus trials uni?

hi. I have decided to put off my crazy uni for a little while and spend the funds on a uni i might be able to ride :wink: . i have been thinking about getting the nimbus trials from it seems to be fairly good value but i dont want to waste my money.
is it worth it or should i get something else?

It is definately a great entry level trials unicycle. All the parts on it are good quality, particularly, in my opinion, the rim and saddle. It’s nice to learn basic trials techniques on- hops and crank/pedal grabs.

The one thing that it may not hold up so well on is drops, but the way I see it is trials is about getting up, not down things!

It’s easy to upgrade (splined hub/crankset would be my first change). As long as you don’t do anything stupid on it, it should last.