thoughts on a DC unicycle event

OK, I really want to set up a DC unicycling event but im not quite sure where to start. i was going to do it like scott’s NJ muni weekend, or Hell on Wheel’s Belle Isle muni ride, but DC trails are not technical at all. they are fun, and there are technical parts and cool natural trials, but most of the trials consist of level, dirt ground. it would be very cool to ride freestyle, trials in front of the monuments (would certainly make good pictures) but thats always sketchy (legality and all). since i live on campus at AU, i cant set up a trials course…

any ideas on what would be cool and good some good riders to come?

Re: thoughts on a DC unicycle event

The obvious is to do something with all the marble monuments and buildings, however at the moment there are an awful lot of guards and police in DC with a negative sense of humor. Marble is soft - steel pins are hard. Hello handcuffs.

Rock creek park is full of trails, but no riding allowed (wink, wink). It’s too bad they enforce the no-riding rule at the zoo.

Freestyle at Dupont Circle is a good match. There’s always something going on there - a unicycling event would fit right in. Benches and a fountain, though the fountain is marble…

The waterfront area near G-town has some possibilities, though it is usually infested with beer-gripping tourons. Not a good vibe.

The’ve blocked off a couple of blocks of Pensylvania avenue in front of the White House with good pavement. There are usually a few street-hockey games there, but it would be excellent for outdoor freestyle. There is a one-block park with a defunct pool/fountain nearby that would be good for urban trials.

There are a few options for Muni if you head northwest. Great Falls park (either MD or VA side) would be excellent, however they don’t allow riding off the very pedestrian bike trails. There is a pretty technical section of the C&O trailpath just south of Great Falls where the floods washed the trail cover off the bedrock, however I don’t know if this would be enough for a decent muni event. The staircase of the bridge over the canal near that point would be an interesting trials ride.

Hmmm… what else… University of Maryland campus? Kinda boring, but they do have that nice water feature.

Ah - what about the park in Rosslyn right at the end of the Key Bridge? It would be perfect for urban trials, and no one seems to give a damn about the place. It’s a one or two block park surrounded on all sides by 4 to 6 lane major arteries; access is by pedestrian bridges 30’ up in the air with stairs and ramps down to the park. Lots of concrete features. Can be rented for events.

I think there should be more west coast events…
Nope, can’t come. Sorry. :frowning:

there are a lot of trails at rock creek park, but they are not technical. like i said before, they are a lot of fun but there is no challenge and people wont drive any distance just to get to them.
i ride on them all the time. the only time it was an issue was today when some guy said “it says no mountain bikes” (i just looked at him, smiled, and said, “yup, no mountain bikes.”).

good ideas about the freestyle near the white house. of ourse we could use the AU campus but besides a couple decent trials lines its nothing special. and there is no space for freestyle (i.e. no big open space). of course, we could find a park or something and set up a trials course, i think that would be best but hard to pull off…

we shall see…

Yeah, I used to ride there on my lunch breaks from the bike shop (in Adams Morgan) in the early '80s. Same story. But if the mounted police get you they can be a pain.

Have you ever been out to the Billy Goat trail near Great Falls? It’s a nice walk this time of year. Extremely technical. Very interesting rock about 500 meters from the trailhead at the Great Falls end. They don’t allow bicyclists, but…

i come from the dc/baltimore area. there are loads of great trails within driving distance of dc. i’m thinking of gambrils state park near frederick, md; patapsco state park near UMBC ; loch raven resevoir north of baltimore. there are others. i’ve never ridden a uni on these, but they are prime m-biking trails. ever since i started riding muni halfway proficiently, i’ve wanted to go “home” and ride the trails there.

i think a weekend with an urban ride and two commutes to gambrils and patapsco would be cool.


ill check them out

i wish i could come with you.


Gambrils sucks I dont really care for it anyway Patapsco aint bad though they have some good loops but it can get really muddy to the point where a Gazz tire aint going to save you.

What about going a bit further out from DC to arround where Camp david is in Greenbrire State park, they have alot of good natural trials stuff and some good longer trials. Its been a while since I’ve been there but I’ve always had fun there.

Fountainhead park in woodbridge, VA is a great place for off-roading. There’s also a great outdoor miniature golf course that’s great for trials there.

I’ve never been able to find anything in Great Falls that I liked, but I understand there are probably several parts I’ve never seen.

I’m in for just about anything, if the timing is right.

i’ll be there

thanks mike and nick. those are some great suggestions. i dont have a car, but i suppose i could try to borrow one from a friend and go check out the trails. I was thinking end of march as a good time, but i dont care. i would want to work out the date so that as many people as possible could come, especially nick since he missed the richmond ride. hopefully you guys can help make this thing possible. it would be a good fun ride. do you guys want to do just a saturday, or a whole weekend? post if a date does, or does not work for you. and who would want to come? this will be great if it works out.

i suggest timing it for after the rainy muddy season. i don’t know when that is.

i’d love to come for a weekend.


I’m not saying this is necessarily my preference, but…

If you do a two day thing, then you can do the DC street riding one day and the muni/woodsy thing another day. Then, we’ve got the DC Muni weekend and we’ll demand respect.