thought some of you would like

Here is a video my son sent me. It is mostly trials motorcycles stunts but they keep showing someone on a unicycle too. Anyone know who it is?

I don’t know who he is, but he has a cool style. Maybe asking your son would help, if noone here knows it (Assuming you actually want to know who he is, not just asked to start a discussion).

You said it was your son’s video, right? They are great. I subscribed to him on YouTube, when he posted a link to his videos some months ago. :slight_smile:

I checked the descriptions in the guys Youtube channel, and it looks like all the riding is by Pat Smage, Bike, Motorcycle, and Uni. Bit of an allrounder, eh?

EDIT: Here’s a vid of him just doing Bike and Uni stuff

Ehhh, your son just sent the video to you. Nothing about it being your sons video… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think your son found it in my favourites :stuck_out_tongue: I favourited it couple days ago.It makes me wanna ride motorbike trials

sons wife does trials so he sent it for me to see what it’s about. Just thought you guys would like to see too :smiley:

Anyone else catch the bit with the one-wheeled motorbike? :smiley: