Those Nasty Nubs...

I very quickly found out just how Nasty those Nubs on my summits cranks can get ( they are the same cranks on the '04 KH trials). Does anybody know what I do to rid myself of this problem? I’ve heard of other people cutting them off somehow, or should I just bring them to a machinist? Why on earth would someone design such a crappy design for cranks?


here you can see a Nasty Nub.

Darren Bedford had the aftermarket bolts that would allow you to grind off part of the nub and still be able to get the cranks tight.

Or you ould get some after market cranks. Haro and several other brands make cranks that fit the 8 spline pattern of that generation KH hub. It will cost you a pretty penny though.

Here are some good Haro Cranks that few people have. I believe you can get them from Darren Bedford.

100% 4130 tubular tapered Crmo arms
4130 Crmo 8 Spline spindle
One-Piece Head / Pinch bolts design
Sealed Bearing Standard BB set
Left Side Drive compatible in 175 & 180mm

Black 140mm 96607
Black 165mm 96608
LSD Black 175mm 96600
LSD Black 180mm 96602

It looks like those haro cranks have ankle hitting nubs though.

Just today I sent for the special bolts that Darren has. $10 including shipping to Virginia. In this string it shows how to:

the Haro cranks have a Q factor so they wont hit your ankles anymore then a pair of profiles will.

i have been doing research on who makes 8 slpine that will fit so far redline, Haro, Snafu, Bulldog and a whole host of others will fit. i went down to my LBS found the friendlyest sales person and handed them my KH hub and asked what would fit.

aftermarket cranks will cost you a minimum of 100$

Re: Those Nasty Nubs…

Actualy the later of the 04’s don’t have nubs. I have some pictures of mine in my gallery.

i dont know what that guy is riding with but look at the name on his crank there is a name on it mine just says kris holm in his handwriting which is like laser etched on also mine dont have nasty nubs

here is a picture of my 04 cranks