Those damn embarrassing UPD's!

Today I was riding home drinking a frozen drink of some sort. There was a couple of people watching me from their varanda and as I went to ride along some grass I fell off. Not just onto my feet but right over and ended up lying on the grass with a stupid look on my face. I was pretty impressed that I hardly spilt any of my drink, and I took a little sip, said “Hi” to the two people watching and rode off embarrassed.

I had the urge to tell them that I frequently go riding down Mt. Cootha and could actually ride a unicycle :). It just looked so stupid. Oh well…


Ah, yes… it’s excuseable to fall off in front of people if they can see you’re doing something tricky but have the ability to do it (or at least try it) but when it’s totally random it’s awful!

The other day I’d just passed a big group of students when the bottom of my trouser leg caught momentarily round the crank end and sent me flying. You can see everyone giving you The Look, which says “I’ll humour you, good effort and all that, now go get back on your bike, you’ll find it a lot easier”.

But I can ride it! I can! I go down mountains on it! Honest! Why don’t you believe me?


Very well put Phil!

I still don’t know what UPD stands for! I know what one is, but I always called them Un-intentional dismounts. What’s the P?

UnPlanned Dismount

Basically it’s any time you fall or are forced to dismount when you didn’t intend to.

Re: Those damn embarrassing UPD’s!

Part of our function is to entertain others. You’re holding up your end well, Andrew.