Thomson seatpost for KH 24 2007

I have a 2007 KH 24 unicycle. If I went with the Thomson seatpost (27.2 mm)that is sold at UDC would I need some kind of spacer??? According to the information on their website I would.

I don’t understand why that would be the case since it is 27.2mm.

you would need a rail adapter because a thompson is a rail-type seat post and uni’s use a 4 bolt type

You don’t need a spacer, I don’t know why it says that unless the older KH frames needed a spacer (I know the summit does) and it just hasn’t been updated in years.
I have a 27.2 thomson post and it fits perfectly in my KH frame.

The KH muni comes with a rail adapter, that isn’t what they mean by spacer though.

Does that mean you dont have a rail adapter then? :thinking:

If you are getting a thompson seatpost, you are most likely not a cheapster.
I would suggest getting a Scott Wallis DeRail base that works amasingly with the thompson post (no need for rail adapters). He also has a lot of other goodies.

Check him out at

To answer your question, all (including m-uni) 07 and 06 KH frames fit the 27.2 thompson seatposts. I know, since I have one on my uni.

They dont look that well attached with those two bolts? Are you able to attach them like this to any cf seat base?

The Wallis DeRail base is awesome, the attached post is really sturdy even though it only has 2 bolts. A DeRail base with thomson post is pretty much the strongest seat/post combination you can get.

The DeRail base is designed to distribute the force from the post throughout the whole base and it is specially made to take the bike post, it probably wouldn’t work as well with the other kind of CF base. I actually asked Scott about that a long time ago, I don’t remember exactly what he said but I think he said it probably isn’t a good idea.

Thanks for that. My current standard KH fusion street saddle is incredibly flexable at the moment so im just trying to figure out what im gona do about it. :thinking: