Thomson Seat Post?

I am ordering one tomorrow, and wanted to know if a rail adapter is really needed and if there is one that doesn’t add much rise to the seat.

All input appreciated.:smiley:

A rail adapter is only needed if you want to be able to connect the Thompson to your seat.

(Seriously, how else were you planning to use it?)

A rail adapter is needed unless you have a Scott Wallis carbon fiber base or are willing to modify your base to accept the two bolt configuration of the thomson base.

no i knew i needed a rail addapter…but i was wondering if there were any tohers besides the kh one.that wouldent make the seat go up so high.

Up so high? You just use the seat clamp to lower it. Or do you mean angle? The angle of the seat is fully up to you.

If this is for your trials unicycle I wouldn’t recommend the rail adapter. You end up loosing most of the weight saved by the thomson post and the adapter can be mean to your hands during sif.

Also, rather than buy one new from a shop I’d check on ebay for the thomson, you can get some pretty good deals even on new ones there.

I wish Steve Howard would make more of his rail adapters; they are lighter and cleaner than the KH ones.

but i cant have a thomson without the rail adapter.

Then dont waste your money on a thomson until Scott Wallis starts making his CF bases again.

exactly. If you want a nice post i suggest buying a pit fighter.

Yeah, isn’t the gusseted quax supposed to be really nice? I haven’t really heard much of anything about it, but it looks like it could stand up to some abuse. Maybe you should get something other than a cc while your at it!

Side note, anybody knwo where to get an eagle claw int he states? Trialsin has them, but for some reason they are like 100 ea.

do they come in 25.4?

No but the aluminum qu-ax with the gusset does, I suggest that one.

They don’t have it at the US UDC but from what I’ve been told the shipping isn’t too bad from the UK:

Dont buy a Thomson post unless you have a Scott Wallis CF base…Just buy the Quax Reinforced seatpost from MDC. Its 25.4.

Rail adapters suck so much for SIF, you have to find some new way to do SIF if you get a rail adapter.


Got a pic? Diagram? Blueprint?

We have machines. We have torches. We have metal.

I can take a picture later. It’s basically the plate that goes against the seat and two rectangular rails; no front plate, no brake lever post. I have one on Zippy, my minimal 29er, and I would replace my other KH rail adapters, if there were more of these available.

Picture of a Jagur’s broken one (Ti):

UDC’s picture when they were still for sale (not Ti):

Yeah, that’s the one. Simple.

Any idea about this? (CF bases from Mr. Wallis)

Does anyone have any sense as to when these will become available?

I’d like to get my mitts on several of them.

It is possable to attach the Thomson post to a standard base.

I was gonna do it so I can find out how well it holds up that way. Ive seen one other person on here do it, and that was years ago, and I dont remember him saying how well it held up, so im guessing no one else here truely knows either.

It would be a fun thing to try.