Thomson seat post

hi, I was wondering who has the thomson seat post and how they like. I was sort of thinking of getting the CF derail seat base and a deathgrip handle but now I just found out that it wouldn’t work with the KH seat post. Would it be worth spending like $250 on the seat post, seat base and handle?


You only really need a CF seat if your normal seat can’t handle your riding. Don’t you have one of the newer KH seats? I thought those were supposed to have like 3 pieces of metal in them for reinforcement.
If it were me, I would ride that seat you have until it either flexes more than you can stand or it breaks.
So basically, if your KH seat is fine right now then $250 for a CF might be alot. I got my CF base when my KH seat was flexing so much it actually folded in half when I pulled on the handle.

Short Answer… Yes.

I have the DeRail base and thomson post, and it was well worth the money.

A built up KH fusion saddle with deathgrip handle, derail base and rear bumper, and a thompson post, weighs less than the base plate of the standard fusion saddle.

It’s rock solid with no flex (which will take some getting used to initially), and I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone snapping a thomson/derail setup yet.

Only thing to keep in mind is you have to keep everything nice & tight, any flex and get an allen keys right on those bolts to stop any damage.


ok. I was also thinking of getting the deathgrip handle, but im pretty sure it won’t fit the kh base, and it seems like everyone says that handles like the deathgrip/reeder will snap anything but a solid metal or CF base.


The DG handle fits a KH base. However, yes, the increased grip will lead to an earlier demise of the KH.

does it fit well? because I don’t really want to ruin my kh base. also would it be well worth getting the deathgrip? also do they have the warranty?

I believe so; haven’t seen that combination up close yet; Scott’s the guy to ask.

In my opinion, yes. The DG shape is between the Miyata/KH and Reeder with the strength and lightness of CF/Kevlar. The leg clearance is better than the Reeder, and the grip is far better than the Miyata/KH. The wrist angle is better than the Reeder. So you get much better grip without much of the wrist/forearm trauma of the Reeder.

Yes. Of course, you have to keep up with the tightening and all that.

If you’re worried about cost you can also get the Scott Wallis CF seat base with the Thomson seat post and skip the Death Grip handle. Use the regular KH plastic handle instead. Nothing wrong with that combo. For muni and trials I would actually prefer the standard KH handle. For Coker the Death Grip handle would be nice.

There is also the KH style carbon fiber base from You have to drill the holes. And you have to add a KH rail adapter to use a regular bicycle style seatpost. It also works well, but the Scott Wallis combination is better.

A carbon fiber seat base is very nice if you do climbing or jumping or any kind of riding that could break a plastic seat base. It’s stiff so you can push down or pull up on the handle with no flex. It’s strong so you can land badly on the nose of the saddle when doing a drop without breaking the seat.

The holes on the Swallis base look like you can put on a kh or miyata handle, can you really do either or are the holes in a similar shape? If I had one I would want to put on a kinport.

I’ve had a Thompson seatpost for about 8 or 9yrs and it’s still going strong.

There is absolutely no way I would use one on a unicycle though…unless you’re really tall and using it on a 24" or smaller Uni, I don’t see the point of paying so much for a seatpost that get’s hacked down to 1/4 of it’s original length.

Maybe I’m just short :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the scott wallis carbon base only take the thompson post or the primo, and the primo doesn’t come in 27.2 so if you’ve got a KH frame you have no choice if you want a SW base.

I’ve had a de-rail base, and thompson post attached to it, for nearly a year.

Both are amazing products!

But, I agree with the others who’ve said that it’s only absolutely needed if you’re breaking regular seat bases (which I’ve done, so’s why I bought a de-rail base).

I also enjoy the fact that it’s lighter, stiffer, stronger than a regular seat base. There’s no flex!

Plus, the sif grips on the sides of the de-rail base are a must, if you ride any sif trials, and are planning on getting the base.


I use a Thomson with rail adapter and CF base, and i’ve had no problems at all, i’d highly recommend it. About 12 seatposts later, I bought the Thomson, and i’m glad I did, it puts up with all the abuse my trials riding puts it through.

I’d disagree. For the distance riders and less hardcore muni riders, then a Thomson is a waste of money, but for those of us who ride hard enough to require gear that won’t fail, then it’s surely worth it. I only had to hacksaw about 10cm off my Thomson to get it to the height I like in my KH05 frame.

ok, thanks. I might get the thomson/cf base/ maybe deathgrip setup for my KH trials after my bar mitvah in a few months :roll_eyes: thanks 4 all the info.